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Expanded Polystyrene Product Grades

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Product Overview

  • Can be used for many applications
  • Available in a FRA grade
  • Lightweight
  • Chemicaly inherent
  • Easy to cut or sculpt
  • Minimal water absorption & permeability
  • Completley safe to handle
  • Lambda from 0.030 W/mK
  • 100% recyclable
  • Achieves BRE Green Guide A+
  • No HFC’s, CFC’s or HCFC’s

Stylite Expanded Polystyrene Blocks have many different applications from insulation to sculpting material. With thermal conductivity from as low as 0.030W/mK our Expanded Polystyrene Boards can help designers achieve the current Building Regulation u-value requirements. Our EPS blocks are stored in our warehouse where they are allowed to sure, ensuring the correct dimensional stability of the material.

Stylite Expanded Polystyrene is available in both White & Grey Enhanced PlusTherm, please see the technical specification table for more details.


Stylite EPS Cone
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Stylite EPS Cylinder
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Stylite EPS Sphere
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Stylite EPS Tube
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Stylite EPS Snowflake
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