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SPI's packaging division supplies a variety of industries with solutions to their expanded polystyrene packaging needs. Our state-of-the-art package moulding division supplies the more intricate shapes for packaging while our hot wire cut division supplies products such as pads, channels, trays, scoops and letters. A fully qualified in-house design team is available to help and advise during specification. Please browse through a range of SPI's Stylite packaging products below.

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Edge Protector

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End Cap with Bars

Stylite EPS End Cap With Bars View Product


Stylite EPS Craddle View Product

Channel Piece

Stylite EPS Channel View Product

Closed Corner

Stylite EPS Closed Corner View Product

Corner Protector

Stylite EPS Corner Protector View Product

End Cap

Stylite EPS End Cap View Product

Lid 2 Recesses

Stylite EPS Lid 2 Recesses View Product

Lid 4 Recesses

Stylite EPS Lid 4 Recesses View Product

Open Corner

Stylite EPS Open Corner View Product

Open Triangular Corner

Stylite EPS Open Triangular Corner View Product

Flat Pad

Stylite EPS Flat Pad View Product


Stylite EPS Wedge View Product

Bottle Pack

Stylite EPS Bottle Pack View Product

Seed Tray

Stylite EPS Seed Tray View Product

Produce / Fish Box

Stylite EPS Box & Lid View Product