Our Products

SPI manufacture and supply a range of premium EPS insulation products for the building industry. Our products include Stylite EPS insulation and Stylite Plustherm Enhanced EPS insulation. Our insulation products are suited to building interiors, exteriors, floors, roofs, civil engeneiring applications and many more. We now boast one of the largest EPS manufacturing facilities in Europe, employing state-of-the-art technology, and we also our own dedicated fleet of delivery vehicles, to ensure you get the insulation you want, when you need it.

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Stylite T-Beam

Stylite T-Beam View Product

Bespoke UFH Panels

Stylite UFH Insulation View Product

Stylite PlusTherm

Stylite Plustherm View Product

Stylite Gridboard

Stylite Gridboard Insulation# View Product

Stylite Floor Insulation

Stylite Flooring Insulation View Product

Stylite Plasterboard

Stylite Insulated Plasterboard View Product

Structural Insulated Panels

Stylite SIP's Insulation View Product

Stylite Full-Fill Cavity Insulation

Stylite Full-Fill Cavity Insulation View Product

Stylite Partial-Fill Cavity Insulation

Stylite Partial Fill Cavity Insulation View Product

External Wall Insulation (Adhesive)

Stylite External Wall Insulation View Product

External Wall Insulation (Mechancial)

Stylite Railboard EWI View Product

Cavity Wall Bead

Stylite Cavity Wall Bead Insulation View Product

Stylite Stud Wall Cavity Insulation

Stylite Stud Wall Insulation View Product

Corrugated Roof Panel

Stylite Corrugated Roof Insulation View Product

Warm Pitched Roof

Stylite Rafter Insulation View Product

Rafter Insulation

Stylite Squeeze Fit Rafter Insulation View Product

Cut to Fall Roof Panels

Stylite Tapered Roof Insulation View Product

Roof Structural Insulated Panel

Stylite Roof SIP's Insulation View Product

Flat Inverted Roofing Insulation

Stylite Inverted Flat Roof Insulation View Product

Perlite Bonded Roofing Insulation

Stylite Perlite Bonded Insulation View Product
Civil Engineering

Marine Pontoon

Stylite Marine Pontoon View Product

Stylite Clayfill

Stylite Clayfill Clayheave Protection View Product

Civil Engineering Void Filler

Stylite Void Filler View Product

Stylite Voidfill (Landscaping)

Stylite Void Fill Landscaping View Product

Stylite Voidfill (Embankments)

Stylite Voidfill Embankments View Product

Stylite Ventfill

Stylite Gridboard UFH Insulation View Product

Passivehaus Foundation

Stylite Gridboard UFH Insulation View Product
Specialist Laminate

Specialist Laminate Precut

Stylite Laminate Precut View Product

Specialist Laminate PVC Panel

Stylite Specialist Laminate Panel PVC View Product

Stylite Gridboard

Stylite Gridboard UFH Insulation View Product